Silver Jubilee Year 2015

1. Flame on the Open Book : Reminds us the union of knowledge and wisdom that radiates and transforms the entire universe through ever glowing personality.

2. SHCHS : The centre of the Logo comprising Book and flame is made up of three initial letters of SHCHS. The Red boarder of the flame is formed by the letter 'S' , the boarder of the book is formed by the letter 'H' and the yellow body of the flame is formed by the letter 'C'.

3. The Green plant with Three Leaves : Represents the student who successfully caters life skills for a healthy living. The three leaves denotes the three fold emphasis of the school focused on Love for God, Love for fellow beings and Love for the Nature which leads to the holistic development.

4. Folded hands : Signifies the attitude of gratitude, an expression of gratitude to God Almighty and fellow-beings. It also highlights the Jubilee motto, ` Gratitude through commitment'.

5. The Green Boarder : Symbolizes the world at large. The students are taught to reach out to the society and treats everyone as members of one family irrespective of the caste, creed or social status in a dynamic environment.
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